[T2] curiouser and curiouser

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Fri Jun 7 07:41:40 MST 2013

On Fri, 7 Jun 2013, Joe Average wrote:

> Have you ever replaced the injectors? My understanding is that injectors come

I had a set rebuilt by someone reccomended on this list. and the old ones 
were behaving correctly when tested
> Another idea - have you removed the injectors to see if they are leaking?

they are not leaking

> Fuel pressure high?

ran with a guage for months, it was dead on spec

and key indicator, 10k miles and the spark plugs look perfect, light tan 
color and gap was still correct not a drop of carbon build up, (should 
have used borescope to check while plugs were out but batteries were dead)

> Are you sure that your odometer, which is half of the fuel economy equation, 
> is accurate enough? Maybe it is getting a reasonable fuel economy but your 
> number of miles driven is incorrect?

now this is a new idea and maybe just maybe has something to do with it. 
I did have to change tires a couple years ago from 205-14 to stock 185-14 
because the 205s were no longer avaliable and I did replace the speedo 
cable about the time this started.   hmmmm  I had not even considered 
this, maybe I was always getting crappy fuel mileage. (I did take into 
consideration the tire size swap though)



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