[T2] curiouser and curiouser

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Fri Jun 7 08:11:12 MST 2013

On Fri, 7 Jun 2013, John Rogers wrote:

> I've been following this thread and Bob's frustration for some time. If I
> recall correctly this began after an engine rebuild or replacement.
> Scratching my head like everyone else, it seems like what Bob may be
> looking at is internal engine friction -- a misaligned rebore, bearings too
> tight, etc.  Anyway, something internal.

would have considered this but, engine was rebuilt, worked fine, then on 
way back from "Buses of the Corn" it started getting worse and worse. 
about two months later a galley plug fell out and engine got re-rebuilt 
under warranty and got all new bearings and check of align bore and new 
crank.  still no change in in mileage from before re-rebuild.

one thing that has been consistent with this engine for the 15years or so 
I have owned it, the dist is not in the "spec" alignment is about 
90degrees off and I just tune it that way, took the longest time to 
discover it, maybe the shaft of the dist is off, or the gear was put on 
wrong (but it is new cam) whatever it has been like this for 15yrs or so 
therefore do not think it is a factor.  (#1 plug is about where the #4 
should be on the dist, just have it turned to match, they are in right 
alignment with dist, just the entire dist is about 90degrees clockwise of 
where every other VW I have seen is??? once I figured it out it has never 
been an issue)


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