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Fri Jun 7 08:23:04 MST 2013

On Fri, 7 Jun 2013, John Dillon wrote:

> I was getting btn 22 and 25 mpg in my 78 and 29 to 33ish in my 60 prior to the 1600 upgrade. I don't want to know what I get in the 60 now. I wonder how much worse the automatic would be over a manual.

VW says about 1-2mpg but that is average they didn't do fuel mileage tests 
like they do now.   the part that is confusing is not that it is bad, but 
that it is worse than what it was, same tranny, same engine, same driving 
conditions.  it was 15-16 around town now it is 10-12 which sucks (fuel 
that is)
yet all other indications say it is running just fine, no gas smell, no 
black exhaust, no carboned up cyl.  ???

engine is stock except for Crane ignition and high output coil (but this 
is not problem replace for time with stock dizzy, no effect on MPG) and it 
has twin starting batteries.  run all synthetics  Mobil 1 15W-50 oil, and 
have for 15yrs.

issues currently known with bus
. minor exhaust leak, gotta drop engine to weld it up
. cold start valve may be sticking shut.(or thermo time switch) sometimes 
have to crank it a bit when cold, but I do have fuel shut off valves at 
. runs rough when started for a minute or two but I have idle set very low
. some minor electrical issues but not engine electrics mostly lights etc.
. lots of body work needed.
. and paint touch up work
routine stuff.

Bob (78 auto tranny with HPBus lowered floor mod)

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