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Jonathan Stiles misterstiles at gmail.com
Fri Jun 7 09:02:15 MST 2013

Hey Bob,

I finally talked to my customer about what mileage he gets on his '75
wheelchair accessible bus (same conversion as yours). He gets the roughly
the same mileage you are reporting. I think it comes down to weight
combined with the 3-speed automatic.

Just thought I'd let you know, but I think you may have found your answer.

Jon Stiles

On Thursday, June 6, 2013, wrote:

> LOL, my bus is HEAVY what with the drop floor and all, I've had it weighed
> at over 4200lbs... it has an auto tranny (only 3 speeds)... I live in a
> major city... it is a hilly major city... and there are stop signs and
> traffic lights everywhere.
> Bob
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