[T2] curiouser and curiouser

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Fri Jun 7 09:41:00 MST 2013

On Fri, 7 Jun 2013, Jonathan Stiles wrote:

> I finally talked to my customer about what mileage he gets on his '75
> wheelchair accessible bus (same conversion as yours). He gets the roughly
> the same mileage you are reporting. I think it comes down to weight
> combined with the 3-speed automatic.
> Just thought I'd let you know, but I think you may have found your answer.

thanks (I think) at least I know I'm not going nuts, maybe it was just the 
205-14tires throw it off.

would love to see photo of his bus, does he have hand controls in it like 
mine for self drive or was/is it used as a transporter.  does he still 
have the "long" ramp. I had to shorten mine because of the idiots parking 
in the van accessible spaces.

thanks for the update, I knew when I weighed my bus that the drop floor 
probably adds 400-500lbs to the thing,. and they left the passenger car 
torsion bars in em, I got a set of the heavy duty transporter torsion bars 
for mine but have not gotten around to the job of putting them in yet 
(round tuit job).

take care and thanks


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