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Troy Wical troy at wical.com
Fri Jun 7 21:22:36 MST 2013

Inadvertently replied only to David. Below is my reply from yesterday.

Yeah, I had no idea changes were coming either :) I've sync'd keen's home
directory and things appear to be working again. It's worth noting that
Charlie's link fails because the true url is all lowercase. I need to go
back and see if there were any rewrite rules in place for that.

For everyone else, yeah... some stuff is still broke. I'm getting to it as
I find free time (yes you should be worried.) Send me a quick note if
something is failing that your trying to use and I'll bump it to the top of
my list. As a side note, don't send me a request because you can't find the
archives search engine. That's a larger effort that I'm piecing together
already and will announce when it's playing nicely.


On Thu, Jun 6, 2013 at 3:31 PM, David Raistrick <keen at icantclick.org> wrote:

> On Thu, 6 Jun 2013, Charlie Ford wrote:
>  Where is the link to the travelogue I wrote and posted?  I had no idea
>> changes were coming to the list and would like to be able to access my
>> writings.  I will be glad to move them and house them elsewhere.
>> The link was www.type2.com/~keen/Charlie/**Charlie.html<http://www.type2.com/~keen/Charlie/Charlie.html>
> They're still around, the server crashed as is being rebuilt from backups.
> They'll be back in the same place soon.. :)
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