[T2] Part Numbers & Mixed Bag of Nuts (& Bolts)

Roger Lemberg phroggie at ieee.org
Sun Jun 9 11:06:25 MST 2013


It's been many years. So many in fact , that the little baby who used to use Phrogbus as a playpen just got her driver's license. So it's time to restore PB to daily beater status. (For me, not her.)

So let me ask the first two of what will become many questions:

-Can someone recommend an assortment of nuts and bolts to have on hand? Will Dorman part number 68107 be of any use? Or has someone come up with an ala carte list?

-I've seen various parts for sale on-line with just the VW part number. No photo, no description. Does anyone know of any cross reference that doesn't involve detective work and luck? By any chance does anybody know the part numbers for the brake line to frame mounting straps and the screws that attach them to the frame?

Phroggie and his Phrogbus
(1970 Sportsmobile conversion)
Northridge, CA

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