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Another cllip for the lines is 281 611 767 in various points.  Probably
still available available from VW, fits Buses, Vanagons and LT's.  Just
clips into the metal, no screw needed

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On Sun, Jun 9, 2013 at 11:41 AM, Old Volks Home <oldvolkshome at gmail.com>wrote:

> VW Part Number for the clip is 211 611 795 A.  EIS sells these clips, but
> under the WRONG part number 211 611 715 A.  Parts Book says 7 required, but
> I'm sure you'll run across a few more elsewhere.
> http://www.eisparts.com/211611715A.html
> The attachment screw is N0138821, Hex Head Screw 4.2mmx16mm (American #8
> Sheetmetal Panhead Screw will work, any local Lowes will have 'em)
> I like that EIS has the weird tidbits like this, but it would be nice if a
> little better effort would be made in accurate research to the proper part
> numbers.  Sometimes it makes finding parts using a factory parts book,
> fiche or ETKA absolutely worthless if incorrect part numbers are utilized
> (end of rant)
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