[T2] Current state of Redux Box supplies?

John Anderson wvukidsdoc at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 10 11:31:45 MST 2013

So, as I have absolutely no idea, I figured I 'd just ask and see if anyone can help.
I'm going to go looking at what I believe to be a Meyers (Manx) Resorter/Turista.  Uncommon and by Meyer's own estimation butt ugly (see his Turista naming, but I think it is fine) 4 seater buggy on a full pan.  I am thinking this for some VW appropriate mild offroading up here, with a safe way to have the 6yo along, strapped in, under a roll cage.  So this one (uncommonly as far as I can tell, likely after the fact) sits on a swing axle pan with bus redux boxes somehow on it.  As it has been 17+ years for me with redux boxes, what are the current pitfalls, parts availability, pro's or con's, are supplies for either vintage (there are 2 styles, no?) easier, how do I tell what is what, which is more durable?  It is running (well not running at present) a mild 1776, and spinning about a 30" tire.  Do they help/hurt my tranny longetivity, and if they help, any opinions on whether adding something else to fail is an overall benefit or negative? 
 These may not stay forever if I get it, but I'd like to get it up and running quickly and wondered about immediate pitfalls that may befall me regarding these as I factor an offer.
If anyone could comment on what to look for about how they might have done this (cobbled together vs ???) that would be great as well.  I know WV rednecks ran these on Baja bodied bugs, but I've never looked closely at one.
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