[T2] Current state of Redux Box supplies?

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Mon Jun 10 14:09:55 MST 2013

On Mon, 10 Jun 2013, John Anderson wrote:

>I'm going to go looking at what I believe to be a Meyers (Manx) 
>Resorter/Turista.  Uncommon and by Meyer's own estimation butt ugly (see 
>his Turista naming, but I think it is fine) 4 seater buggy on a full 
>I am thinking this for some VW appropriate mild offroading up here, with

I agree "butt ugly" but then I had an original Manx and it was a bucket 
of fun (friends called it the "Blue bathtub" was built on a shortend 1959 
beetle frame and motor, later a 1500S engine.
was in the Army and took it to Germany when I was stationed there, lets 
just say it turned a few heads, and a few old Germans shook their head. 
was I think a non standard color as it was not the shade of blue I ordered 
but it grew on me.  it would go anywhere, used to run with a buddy that 
had a Dodge Ramcharger one of the originals and he would get so mad that I 
could go all the places he did.

one time as joke and how it got it's name was when I was in army we lined 
the back with a tarp filled it with water and bubble bath, friend wearing 
swim trunks sat in back and took a bath while I drove it thru town, (think 
it may have been during octoberfest) my commanding officer did not quite 
think it was amusing when the town mayor called him..... well since we 
broke no regulations, not even driving, all he could do was chew us out. 
wish someone would have taken photos.....

in other words it is a fun ride

as ours had (bus content) bug rear end I could not comment on the redux 
axles but bet it would be a mountain goat considering how my non redux 

have fun

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