[T2] Starting '74 Westy 1.8..for the first fire

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Mon Jun 10 15:21:50 MST 2013

I read an article by Smoky Unick years ago on engine building. His suggestion was: to put the short block crankshaft bearings, camshaft and lifters together with "White Lithium Grease". His reasoning was that unlike oil, a grease will not run out before the first start up, and will protect well until the oil pressure builds up. He would also prime the oil pump with oil. (of course a VW would need the oil pump gears to be greased to insure prime) The pistons and cylinders got a coat of light oil. He went on to say, a heavy oil coat on the rings would cause carbon build up, and future trouble.
Old Smoky is long gone now, but I'll bet some of his engines are still doing battle out there somewhere. His articles were written in one of the NASCAR magazines under the heading of Smoky place, "Best Damn Garage in Town". He was an old school racer from the time of "Lee Petty", and the "Woods Brothers". These guys were true innovators who had to build it, not write a check for it! His interpretation of the rule book is legendary, he built a Hudson that the engine ran backwards, so the engine torque would help in the corners. 


>....and want to know what to do before I try and 'fire' it!  How do you 'preload' the ..oiling system?

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