[T2] Starting '74 Westy 1.8..for the first fire

David Raistrick keen at icantclick.org
Tue Jun 11 12:05:22 MST 2013

On Sun, 9 Jun 2013, Squid wrote:

> want to know what to do before I try and 'fire' it!  How do you 'preload'
> the ..oiling system?  Is that necessary?  Just looking for some 'users'
> experience..so I don't 'mess' this unit!

Unlike a lot of american iron, the oil pump isn't able to be driven 
without turning the crank.  (crank gear > cam gear > oil pump tang..)

So you can't preload the oiling system without turning the engine.

Packing the pump gears with grease, and using an assembly lube everwhere 
apropos is all you can do.  Leave the fuel or spark disconnected and crank 
with the starter until the oil pressure light goes out.  Use this 
opportunity to check for any wierd noises... ;)

(if you really want to go nuts, pull the plugs, too, but you won't still 
have oil pressure by the time you put them back in..)

Once you've built pressure, connect your fuel or spark and fire away.

The same (minus tearing it down to lube for most folks) applies to 
starting an engine that's sat for a long time... :)


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