[T2] Starting '74 Westy 1.8..for the first fire

John Anderson wvukidsdoc at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 11 18:13:13 MST 2013

David makes great points here, but in today's world, if you really want to you can.
Given all the dizziless cars today (even the modern LS small blocks in every Chevy
on the planet) there is a solution.  You can purchase from your favorite race supplier
(Jeggs, Summit) a setup which is just a little 10lb sized propane bottle, that you fill
1/2 full of oil, then pressurize with compressed air, then connect (via supplied
adapters) to a convenient (would be the idiot light sender for us) location.  Open
the valve and voila, pressurized oil system.  The one from Summit I think is a
Melling product and goes $220 or so.  I've seen it stated NAPA sells one, but the
local guys couldn't find one listed when I looked 2-3 years ago with my first LS
build so I borrowed one.  Today I'd roll my own from one of a 1/2 dozen old pre
OPD BBQ tanks I have that came with the house.
Or you could just go with the tried and true Vaseline in the pump, I've seen data
on that somewhere for T1 studies (would be same difference) and time to pressure
is miniscule.  That plus a good break in lube, and either a break-in oil or just a bottle
of ZDDPlus in the sump should be enough even for our arcane flat tappet mills.
Like David alludes, don't let it run, pull the plugs if you like for faster cranking, 
crank her up till you indicate 40-50 psi, then put in the plugs/connect the coil
and let her rip.

 From: David Raistrick <keen at icantclick.org>
To: Squid <sydclarke at shaw.ca> 

On Sun, 9 Jun 2013, Squid wrote:

> want to know what to do before I try and 'fire' it!  How do you 'preload'
> the ..oiling system?  Is that necessary?  Just looking for some 'users'
> experience..so I don't 'mess' this unit!

Unlike a lot of american iron, the oil pump isn't able to be driven 
without turning the crank.  (crank gear > cam gear > oil pump tang..)

So you can't preload the oiling system without turning the engine.
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