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Here is some info from December 2012
See below.


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> and wanted to reach out to see what other people think on this 
> topic.
> What would be a good vender (who wouldn't break the bank). If it 
> would
> even be worth it? I could just as easily stick to drums.

Brakes will break the bank no matter what route to go - the quality 
are pretty $$ these days.

That said - I recently made the switch to front disks on my '66 (stock
height, redux boxes, and 14" wheels).   There are basically 4 choices 
fit 14" wheels - Wade @ wagenswest's Babystangs, CSP's kit, SACO's 
and Russell @ oldspeed's kit.

There are currently no rear disk options for redux box axles.

I've been running the babystang's since mid october (14th, to be 
and daily driving the bus most of the time since.

Wade uses mildly modified vented mustang 2 disks with integrated hub, 
wilwood 4 piston calipers + a set of wide 5 adaptors.  Continues to 
stock lug bolts, and increases track width by ~~1/4" per side (my 
measurement - Wade claimed zero change) - ~$1065 shipped

CSP uses solid disk of their own mfr with integrated wide 5 hub, 
lemans single piston calipers.  decreases track width by ~~8mm per 
switches to studs and lug nuts ~$1400 + shipping

saco's kit uses a custom wide 5 hub w/ bolt on solid drilled rotor and
4 piston wilwood knockoff caliper - there were to many complaints on 
for me to be interested (and I don't believe a drilled rotor belongs 
on a
stock street bus, either).  also converts to stud/nut.
unknown track change. ~900+shipping

russell @ oldspeed's setup uses vented 944 rotors (turned down to fit 
14" wheel), 944 front hub (I believe), wide 5 adaptor, and willwood 4
piston caliper.  russ claims no track change.  also converts to 
~$1500 delivered

I ruled out the saco kit due to the rotors and complaints (and really, 
you're going to use a wilwood like caliper, why not use the real 

The CSP kit I eventually ruled out for a few reasons:  No replacement
rotors available except directly from CSP - and they're not a common 
the shelf piece.  with 8.5x27" tires, I had -no- wiggle room to reduce
track width.  I just lightly rubbed the pass side at full left lock 
power already.  and, if I had a choice I'd prefer a vented rotor.

that left me tossing around Wade vs Russ - both rotors are commonly
available, but both require minor machine work (which any local 
shop could reproduce when needed). both vented, both using 
the same caliper and pads (and pads commonly available since wilwood 
been making aftermarket calipers for a loooong time), and both 
requiring a
wide 5 adaptor (from ford 5x4.5 or from porsche 5x130).   Wade's kit 
me continue using lug bolts....so it won.

For a master cyl I strongly recommend using a stock split bus 67 
(22mm bore).  If your reservoir has a larger chamber on one side, use 
side for the front brakes.  Remove the residual valve for that circuit 
remove the check valve (easy enough - but it wont go back! :) and

I don't recommend using any of the disk brake masters - they have a 
piston bore, requiring more pedal effort.  unless you're also going to 
a power brake booster (which is custom fab work), in which case use 
disk masters!

One of these days I'm going to get a better review together complete 


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