[T2] 55amp and 70 amp alternator

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Fri Jun 14 16:59:53 MST 2013

1.  The usually use the same fan shroud.  It's the cooling air boot that's

2.  Good luck.  Most Remans come with no pulley or fan and is different
from the 55A

3.  It's best to check with a local rebuilder to see if your 55A can be
beefed up.

Note: The Voltage Regulator is the same for both.

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On Fri, Jun 14, 2013 at 4:32 PM, Jamie <jrivers at globalserve.net> wrote:

> as I understand it... due to the cooling boot.. the T4 - 55 and 70 amp alt
> don't interchange without changing the fan shroud.. correct??
> also, can a new / rebuilt 70 amp alt be found with a fan attached ?
> nowadays?
> can a 55 amp be built to put out more ?
> Thanks
> Jamie

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