[T2] 55amp and 70 amp alternator

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Fri Jun 14 17:15:36 MST 2013

Hey Jamie,

I did this in the past. The shroud is the same. The 55p alt has a "D" shaped cooling air inlet and the 70 amp alt. has a round inlet. The shroud side is the same on both boots. The hard part is finding the boot. I have seen them on TS occasionally. They were used on Porsche 914s. Try Pelican Parts. They might have a lead on them. 

David Kelly

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On Jun 14, 2013, at 8:08 PM, "Jamie" <jrivers at globalserve.net> wrote:

> good info , Thanks Jim
> but, am I confoooosed,,,that the boot isn't the same at the shroud end?  I know the alt has a round end,, or a D end...  hmm,,
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>> 1.  The usually use the same fan shroud.  It's the cooling air boot that's
>> different.
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