[T2] The search page???

Kevin Guarnotta kguarnotta at usa.net
Mon Jun 17 12:39:18 MST 2013

I'm subscribed via the digest, and somehow I only got the 2nd half of this
exchange.and I don't see the first half. My in-box says I have Vol1, Issue
18 and Issue 19.


This is all I got


> On Sun, Jun 9, 2013 at 12:37 PM, Joe Average 

> <joeaverage at frontiernet.net
<mailto:joeaverage at frontiernet.net%20%3cmailto:joeaverage at frontiernet.net>
<mailto:joeaverage at frontiernet.net>> wrote:


>     How much space does the whole Type 2.com <http://2.com>

>     website/universe occupy now?



> Depends on how you want to measure. Below are a few rough stats I was 

> able to pull together.


Were there some private posts, or is something wrong with the Digest mode?


-Kevin Guarnotta

Jamaica Plain, MA


'78 Westy

'69 Singlecab

'65 Ez-camper



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