[T2] travailing out to CA again & GPS systems

accessys at smart.net accessys at smart.net
Tue Jun 18 19:37:38 MST 2013

On Tue, 18 Jun 2013, Kevin Guarnotta wrote:

> you get to the remote locations where you actually really need help. Plus
> the screens are a bit small. If I were to get one of those GPS units like a
> Garmin or TomTom - do they have much better reception? Ie they work
> everywhere. And if I get one-what do you guys recommend?

they basically have the same problems as a cell phone although they get 
thier signal from a sat in orbit.

> Suggestions.?

you can get a map made by Google maps or any of the other mapping 
software, put it on a laptop or ipad etc and enlarge or shrink as needed 
and also get it to plot your route so instructions are on board the 
device.  team that with a GPS (I like Garmin, but screens are small on all 
of them)


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