[T2] travailing out to CA again & GPS systems

Mike Benthin muts at verizon.net
Wed Jun 19 06:28:38 MST 2013

Cell phones rely on nearby towers, but GPS units just need to see the
sky to pick up the satellites, so they usually work except in caves or
I am also on the Roadtrek Class B RV list, and no one likes the TomTom,
they do like the Garmins.
Our Garmin Nuvi has updates for life, and lets you enter coordinates
that we get off Google or Bing Maps or our Streets and Trips.   We have
Streets and Trips on our laptop, and at the DeLorme map store in Maine
(with the giant globe) I just bought a GPS receiver for $49 that sits on
the dash and USB's into the laptop and lets you follow along where you
are on the map. The Garmin is useful in going through urban areas, and
my daughter looks for Wendy's nearby or Tim Horton's by selecting nearby
food choices. It also gives your real MPH, which in our old busses we
may actually be going 60 when the speedo says 65.
My post to RT list:

Remember the Garmin has a "check the route" feature, where you can check
which way it is going turn by turn, even a video of the route....I was
the map wiz since we camped in the 70's (round the USA in 71 VW camper),
so now I sit at the table I put in behind the SO driver and check both 
the atlas for an overview and Streets and Trips on the Sony Vaio- like 
to zoom in and explain 5to her what streets/landmarks are coming up,
including those likely to have wifi if near lunchtime. I then research
campgrounds either online or through the Woodall's- on the entire trip
to Canadian Rockies from NJ we only once sat "with the big rigs" at the
Banff NP campground, where the sites were parallel along the road. 80%
of the campgrounds we picked had wifi.
One thing I had no time to research was that the 2013 S&T is supposed
to allow POI files to be inserted so POI's like campgrounds in National
Forests are shown in the map icons, with details if clicked on? Anyone
do this yet?
accessys at smart.net wrote:
   On Tue, 18 Jun 2013, Kevin Guarnotta wrote:

ons where you actually really need help. Plus
the screens are a bit small. If I were to get one of those GPS units like a
Garmin or TomTom - do they have much better reception? Ie they work
everywhere. And if I get one-what do you guys recommend?

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