[T2] travailing out to CA again & GPS systems

Rob vwrobb at gmail.com
Wed Jun 19 07:20:53 MST 2013

At  6/19/2013 09:00 AM, David Kelly wrote:
>I have used Garmin in the past but found it too expensive to upgrade 
>maps. Google Maps and Mapquest both have a turn -by-turn feature for 
>smart phones for free which I use. Although I don't think they work 
>with coordinates or via points.

A GPS does nothing but watch the sky & tell you where you are, where 
your going, when you will arrive & how fast your moving, at $100 it's 
a great buy! A phone can do that too but it has so many other jobs...

Some folks really like their phone for everything in their life, I 
can't see the objection to a $100 tool that does such a fine job at 
what it was designed for but that's me.

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