[T2] travailing out to CA again & GPS systems

Jamie jrivers at globalserve.net
Wed Jun 19 14:27:33 MST 2013

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From: "David >
> I have used Garmin in the past but found it too expensive to upgrade maps.

upgrade may not be a good thing,,, it seems that old maps had lots of roads 
on them... then "they" used the same amount of memory to hold more locations 
of stores, and coffee shops etc, malls, and removed some back roads, and 
other " unimportant" roads,,, so "they" could get advertizing money from the 
business they include on , or near the interstates... main roads..

that is my conspiracy theory for the day! lol

Also.. I have found it very interesting to have 10 campers in a carabus... 
and everyone has their GPS set to different ... most economical,, fastest,, 
shortest,, route etc,,, they will want to take you on very different paths! 
recalculating,, make a U turn as soon as possible,,,, turn back now,,,, lol
last time I used  it said.. you have arrived at your destination! how did 
you do that??

I have a compass on my dash... and I find a LOT of interesting roads just 
dead reconing ... Being lost,, errr,, off the beaten path,,, and in a VW 
camper,,  I've met some of the nicest people this way ... so I gave "Curtis" 
to my daughter,, and I get an idea from Streets and Trips.. and head out...

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