[T2] travailing out to CA again & GPS systems

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I can't speak for the kind of map coverage you may get in the more remote parts of the US be here in Europe the TomTom is king,  I seldom use SATNAV but when you need to have some reliable instructions there really is nothing better.  All the stress is gone and some of the later versions of the software show what lane you need to be in on the motorway (freeway :-)).   Additionally as they do not need to download map info from the GSM network you will always know where you are.

I guess the only danger is that they may route you through some "unsavoury" parts of town.

Sounds like a great road trip !

Cheers Eric

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Well I am going out to CA again to take another longer test drive in my '78 westy. I'll be driving from Mountainview up to Lake Tahoe, Grover Hot Springs, Mono Lake, Maybe Yosemite, or Lake Alpine, New Melones Lake.then back to Mountainview.

I think this will be my last Test Drive of my bus before I drive it back home to Boston. I think my wife and I have decided to do the big drive in the fall.

When we drive together, I'm usually doing most of the driving, and go a little crazy trying to get directions from my wife. It Is a big communication black hole. I'm trying to come up with a better system. She typically uses her cellphone GPS, and I can't get her to use a paper map.
The cell phone things doesn't always have a good signal - especially when you get to the remote locations where you actually really need help. Plus the screens are a bit small. If I were to get one of those GPS units like a Garmin or TomTom - do they have much better reception? Ie they work everywhere. And if I get one-what do you guys recommend?


-Kevin Guarnotta

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