[T2] travailing out to CA again & GPS systems

Joe Average joeaverage at frontiernet.net
Thu Jun 20 11:29:36 MST 2013

I have a Navigon 7200T. They are no longer made (offered in the USA) but 
I would look for something like that were I to replace it. Mine was $200.

It may still be listed on Amazon if you want to see the feature list to 
compare that to a GPS unit that is still available.

Shows pictures of lane signs to help you get into the right lane at big 
interstate interchanges. Also has free traffic (lifetime) notifications. 
Some of the GPS units have free map updates for life but some offer map 
updates at $100 per update. Look into that before you buy.

Lastly buy the biggest screen you can afford. The little $50 wonders 
with the little 4:3 screens are not worth it. Mine has maybe 3x4 inches 
or so?

Beware of GPS systems with gimmicks in place of quality. My coworker has 
as system that offers cartoon character voices. It was funny for a while 
he tells me but his kids ALWAYS want to hear Sponge Bob tell them where 
to go on trips and he's close to needing medication.. I want a tool, not 
a toy. GRIN!

There are a TON of brands and models not offered at WalMart and other 
mainstream retail outlets like Target, etc.

I got on one of the GPS enthusiast forums and asked for opinions when I 
bought mine. Mine was purchased at Amazon and I have never seen one of 
that brand offered in a mainstream retail store. We still use it today 
and recently on an out of state trip for vacation it still gave good 
directions with no fuss. Our maps are probably two years out of date 
now. The road maps will likely be accurate for years to come but the 
POIs (lists of restaurants and shops) will probably be out of date in a 
few years enough that it will be hit or miss to find something with it's 
internal business index. If you have a smart phone you can still look up 
addresses and rely on the old GPS to lead you to an address.

I have no idea what I'll replace it with when the time comes.

Chris in TN

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