[T2] gas gauge

accessys at smart.net accessys at smart.net
Sat Jun 22 08:19:58 MST 2013

an entire replacement guage is avaliable from BD but not stock.  may and I 
repeat "may" have a vibrator in my spare parts bin, know I have one, but 
my guage is doing the same thing 1/2 is full so need that one for my bus. 
but will look to see if I have another.

just discovered the "spare" double relay I have been carrying around for 
ages has an internal short so I am looking for one of those.


On Sat, 22 Jun 2013, Mike Benthin wrote:

> My daughter's 75 has a similar problem, but goes to max on fill and is nearly 
> out at 1/2!  Is the gauge or vibrator avalable from BusDepot?

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