[T2] weber 28/36 dcd

John Kolak jkolak at gmail.com
Mon Jun 24 19:32:35 MST 2013

I am using a DFAV on a 1700, so my settings should be good for yours, but
the DFAV is 32/36 rather than your 28/36. There are also many ways to
configure the jets that work because all the settings are interdependent.
My jets are considerably different from other people's recommendation, yet
I get good air-fuel ratios (AFR) throughout the RPM band. Also the Weber
progressive allows some compensation for jets that are slightly off because
the idle adjustment on this carburetor affects the entire RPM range.

That having been said, I have a lot of technical documents I can send you,
but in all the Weber progressives I have installed, I have never had to
change a jet. You have to realize that these carbs were professionally
configured for a car with nearly the same engine displacement as yours and
probably need no modification.

This brings up the second point is that jet, etc configuration work
requires a AFR meter. I the first thing I do when I get a Weber progressive
is clean and install it and then run an AFR test. If you get the right AFR
readings throughout the RPM band, you don't need to worry about
reconfiguring the jets, etc.

You are using the right distributor.

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