[T2] Engine stall...

Kevin Guarnotta kguarnotta at usa.net
Fri Jun 28 17:56:05 MST 2013

Driving my '78 (FI stock engine) up to Truckee. Very hot out ~104 degrees. I'm watching my gauges pretty religiously. CHT hovering around 350, maybe a bit over on the climbs (375?). Oil temp got up to 250...seemed to be its max, or rather I was trying to adjust driving so that was the max. Oil pressure seemed good. Stopped once for about 25 minutes, to let things cool down. 
The off again. Temps back up in about 20 minutes or so. 
Next I'm about to get off at an exit-and the bus stalls. Almost like it ran out of gas. I turned the key off, let it coast to a shady spot. Now I'm resting trying to get it to cool down, and try to figure what could be wrong. 
Dip stick not too hot. Oil level looks fine. I don't see any obvious problems in engine compartment. Not sure what else to check. 

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