Joe Average joeaverage at frontiernet.net
Sun Jun 30 14:27:58 MST 2013

There are many European brands of trailers. Wish more sold here. Maybe 
The list VW retailers ought to offer them... (Hint. hint. hint.)


I replaced a typical "angle iron" welded up American flat bed trailer 
from a local hardware store with a Brenderup 1205S with a top.

World of difference. The typical European trailer can be purchased with 
locking tops, still lightweight, rides better than the typical leaf 
spring trailer when lightly loaded, etc.

Mine came through an American importer that I don't think is still in 

We just returned from a 2,000 mile trip to the beach with the trailer 
carrying our four bikes and luggage.

My little 255K mile CR-V returned 24 mpg with the a/c on at 66-68 mph on 
the interstate portions.

As much as I like the Danish Brenderup, the Westfalia trailers look even 

Chris in TN
'78 Westy 2,7L
'65 Beetle 2.0L
'97 Cabrio Highline
1205 Brenderup

On 06/28/2013 02:26 PM, Pete O wrote:
> http://www.westfalia-trailersystems.eu/index.php

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