[T2] '74 Westy, ground

Mike Soultanian mike.soultanian at csulb.edu
Sun Jun 30 15:06:18 MST 2013

On 6/30/2013 3:04 PM, Squid wrote:
> Hi, I am in the process of installing a Dakota Digital  oil temp, and cht gauge as well as an oil pressure gauge onto my dash.  Have the gauge 'layout' in place, and wires connected , but the gauges need a ground!  Can I just tap in to any exposed sheet metal in the 'cab' area, since ground strap out back does the same, or is there a ground place, I should tap into up front..but I don't know where?

Chassis ground is fine, so yes, screwing into the body will ground the 
gauges sufficiently.

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