[T2] Crankshaft: how screwed am I?

accessys at smart.net accessys at smart.net
Tue Dec 2 14:37:08 MST 2014

On Tue, 2 Dec 2014, david raistrick wrote:

> As for the chewed up end of the crank....it really depends.  And it's
> up to you.  Keep in mind that the flywheel rides on that surface, and
> is presumably 100% square to crank.   if you hammer or file on it, and
> the flywheel sits cockeyed, you'll wind up with another loose gland
> nut eventually, and probably a lot of funny vibration and clutch
> wear.....

I think if a small dremel type grinder is used CAREFULLY just around the 
original messed up holes the flatness and squareness of the crank end 
would not be affected and it would still seat square.

this advice is worth what you paid for it YMMV


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