[T2] Failed emissions, Oil leak after 25 mi of replaced clutch

Michael muts at verizon.net
Tue Dec 2 23:03:00 MST 2014

After all the fun of getting the 75 engine pulled and replacing the 
clutch disk (which was slipping and a bit oily, but engine was not 
noticably dripping) I tapped in a new seal into engine, replaced o-ring 
(old one was flattened but not stiff) and replaced flywheel OK.  Had fun 
aligning the engine to trans, had to tighten up the upper bolts before 
enough threads showed for lower bolts.  Ran engine a while in driveway, 
no leaks noticed.  Timing OK, light on all four plug wires showed 
flashing. Drove it to inspection station ~ 12 mi and noted lack of power 
and a bit of vibration, like one plug was not firing or injector not 
opening. Failed for having hydrocarbons 422 where 300 was allowed-CO, 
etc was OK. (test done at idle I believe). We  drove it home and checked 
spark by yanking all plugs, regapping a hair wider (it's the new Bosch 
plugs Bus Depot sells) and watching spark as wire was left on and side 
of plug grounded.  All seemed to fire OK.  The spark from coil center 
wire held near ground easily jumped over a 1/4", but was more orange 
than blue.  Compression was 140, 120, 115, 140 - a bit wide but balanced 
and not 40 in a cylinder. Now I must ask- if a plug is not firing, the 
unburnt gas would enrich hydrocarbons, yes?  An injector not opening 
should not raise hydrocarbons?  But an injector leaking would?  A leaky 
injector should not show the "lack of power" noticed? Advice, including 
the annoyance of pulling injectors in pairs (not enough slack in hoses 
for one at a time)?  I have heard that too lean can cause unburnt gas- 
but usually it should idle terribly then, and it idles fine once warm.
   As we got home, it had trouble going up the hill to our garage, and 
then we noticed the oil trail- a significant leak, which upon parking on 
the flat, we noticed was from engine-trans junction, and checking oil 
level showed only a bit down, and looking down our long 800 ft drive, 
did not show drips beyond the house- what gives?  A pan under bus showed 
not a lot of dripping once engine was not running.
So it looks like another engine yank?

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