[T2] T2 wipers, window scrapers

OKearney o_sconet at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 3 09:59:02 MST 2014

It's raining in LA at last BUT outside window scrapers have gone hard and broken ,  wipers almost as bad. Door panels currently off for door latch work.  Read lots on Samba  but still have these ?s

 71 bay window

? Can the outside window scraper just have new rubber fixed on, like the inner scraper without removing the aluminum molding.  Pull old scraper off its rivets, make holes and push new rubber over. Pita but so is removing the vent window etc .   I thought of using the opposite side inner scraper : less work , less $$

Btw hard to locate any supplier of either side and my inner ones still good. 

Anyone pulling a bus apart and have good used ones for sale?

? Can wipers just have the rubbers replaced. It seems all are being sold with the holders.  

 ?  Rubber  cement for vapor barrier, only need small spots ,  so I don't need expensive sprays. 

I actually enjoy these jobs and feel I am now a lock and latch expert, but don't enjoy the costs of parts

Thanks for help.

John and O

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