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syd clarke sydclarke at shaw.ca
Sat Dec 20 12:41:38 MST 2014


Hi, Merry Christmas from 'us' here in Canada!  As posted before, I have
installed a '77 transaxle into a '74 body, and have made all of the
bellhousing etc. changes.  Jamie, on the list helped me a lot, but,
knowing the 'squarehead' engineering logic at VW at that time of bus
production, VW in 1974 had their last year of carbs on the 1800, then
increased to 2L and FI, and bigger flywheel, etc.... and my problem is
The 'shifter' will not 'pick up' gear selected, and Jamie, through his
incredible hands on knowledge with these units, suggested, I put
'output' shaft into transaxle as far as possible, put the shift lever in
3rd position on shifter, and mark and drill 'pilot' entry hole for
pointed, square headed shift rod 'bolt'.  I have done a lot of Chevy
'rods', and thought, did the VW Techs, ,make it so that one
component,granted, not original,cannot 'hook' up to another earlier
component, eg, shift rod and shifter, without redrilling?
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