[T2] just a 'refresher'

David Schwarze dschwarze at dfwair.net
Sat Dec 20 21:07:06 MST 2014

As you can tell it hooks up just fine, it just doesn't shift correctly.

Any time you deviate from stock you can run into trouble like this.  In 
your case I suspect it is because the forward portion of the transaxle 
case is longer on the later transaxle and you need to adjust the shift 
linkage to compensate.  I recommend you do as Jamie suggests.


On 12/20/2014 1:30 PM, syd clarke wrote:
> pointed, square headed shift rod 'bolt'. I have done a lot of Chevy
> 'rods', and thought, did the VW Techs, ,make it so that one
> component,granted, not original,cannot 'hook' up to another earlier
> component, eg, shift rod and shifter, without redrilling?

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