[T2] Rubber Floor Plugs?

Jon scintilla_22 at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 22 15:40:17 MST 2014

We use a lot of 5200 in the fleet here.  General feeling is you better want it permanent if you use 5200.   5200 is stronger than most substrate-seen lots of fiberglass and metal ripped up while removing an item glued in with it.  3M 4200 is lower strength and will do what you need, without breaking things should you need to remove it.  There are many others made by SikaFlex, etc. equally as good.  Read the manufacturers product info and choose the correct item; modern glues are beyond strong but they are application specific. Gloves, eye protection, and old clothes are a must-very difficult to remove from fabric.  BTW don't buy more than you need, almost impossible to reseal the nozzle so the (unused) rest of the product doesn't harden.


Try blobs of a good urethane (isocyanate) calk, as seen in a boat store,
forced thru the hole to form a plug that will not back out.  Home Depot
sells such a sealant, 3M Adhesive Sealant Fast Cure 5200

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