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Hey Jon,

I recently installed a Pioneer...not sure which model number right now. 
The brightness was a concern but this model as most I believe have a 
function that that dims the display when you turn headlights or parking 
lights on as long as you connect the proper wire to the headlight switch. 
Also, in the setup menu there should be a choice of how bright you want 
the display during daylight use.  You could also choose the red LED for 
the display which helps nightvision.


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Howdy collective brain.
Have any of you volks installed a blue tooth enabled  radio into your bus?
I'm looking to do just that.

I installed a couple of Alpine BT heads in my vehicles last year.  One 
with CD player, one with only digital data.  Both work well.  Have 
bluetooth as well as USB and aux on the front panel.  They are almost too 
bright for me.  No way I can find to dim them.  I prefer to drive at night 
with nearly blacked out instruments; getting old, and my eyes don't like 
off-axis light.  Install was smooth and the price (~$100 each) was good. 
Sound fine.  I use a Nexus 7 tablet w. Rocket player as a BT music source 
and it works very well.  I too have had great luck with Pioneer; excellent 
products. jon

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