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I don't think anyone will be getting rich unless you can show you have al capone's car or something like that. They've been keeping these things running with Russian and Eastern European parts from who knows what. We went to town in a 57 Chrysler with a Diesel engine from who knows. There was nothing original left of the interior. Someone told me that they convert as many of these things to diesel as possible.

They've been patching these cars together with toothpicks and string for 50 years. 

I only ever recall seeing the one bay I recently saw and I saw a 55 to 58 bus in Havana about 10 years ago. 

There have always been Americans coming here - I've met many who travel to Toronto or Montreal then fly here.

It's really open now with lots of private hotels and restaurants. Canadians are even buying property.

Everyone is very well educated, play music and sports but can't afford shoes. Like you see someone well built and healthy but dirt poor. 

If I were a poor black man I think life would be way better here than anywhere else. 

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> On Dec 24, 2014, at 3:05 PM, accessys at smart.net wrote:
> some folks who have kept thier rides running all these years are about to become wealthy.
> in all the video of the island I don't think I have ever noticed a type 2 though
> Bob
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>> Putting (far) aside my opinions on normalizing relations
>> with Cuba via White House executive action, I sure would
>> like to do some car shopping there...
>> --dan
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