[T2] The Flywheel and the Crankshaft, the Saga Continues

Roger Lemberg phroggie at ieee.org
Sun Dec 28 20:24:11 MST 2014


To recap, I’m the knucklehead that let his flywheel “twist” off the crankshaft but discovered that it’s an eight hole crankshaft. I’m trying to exploit those four good holes with a new four hole flywheel. Previously, I was stuck not being able to even mount the flywheel since the outer circumpherence of the shaft was distorted adjacent to the four trashed holes.

After grinding the distortions off, I was able to mount the new flywheel. Almost.

At this point there’s about 0.51mm/0.020” gap between the flywheel and the end of the shaft. Judging from the marks on the lock washer, three of the dowels are either bottomed out and still protruding or are plain stuck and won’t move anymore in either direction. They are stuck.

What can I do now? Would heating up the end of the shaft possibly free them (or I’m I more likely to start an oil fire?)? Is grinding off 1/2mm from the dowels a completely stupid idea? Do I just try a BIG hammer?

Of course my last resort is to just replace the crankshaft but I’m rather desperate to use those four gift-holes.


Phroggie and Phrogbus
(70 Sportsmobile conversion) 

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