[T2] The Flywheel and the Crankshaft, the Saga Continues

david raistrick keen at icantclick.org
Mon Dec 29 11:07:07 MST 2014

On Sun, Dec 28, 2014 at 10:24 PM, Roger Lemberg <phroggie at ieee.org> wrote:
> At this point there's about 0.51mm/0.020" gap between the flywheel and the end of the shaft. Judging from the marks on the lock washer, three of the dowels are either bottomed out and still protruding or are plain stuck and won't move anymore in either direction. They are stuck.

So my memory is that the dowel holes in the flywheel go all the way
through the flywheel - so they'd only "bottom out" if they were
hitting the gland nut washer?   Are your flywheel pin holes closed?

> What can I do now? Would heating up the end of the shaft possibly free them (or I'm I more likely to start an oil fire?)? Is grinding off 1/2mm from the dowels a completely stupid idea? Do I just try a BIG hammer?

I bought one of these a few years ago for pulling stuck dowel pins and
haven't regretted it:

(I also bought new pins, as some of mine were mushroomed from having a
flywheel get loose)

You could probably track down an appropriate sized collet and hack
together a sleeve.....but.

Or take the block to a local machine shop, they're sure to have a pin
puller.  (might be worth asking them first, stop by with a cell phone
pic? :)

That said - grinding a half mill off top of the dowel pins, if they
are indeed bottoming out in the flywheel, wouldn't hurt at this point.

I've learned the lesson about putting dowel pins in the crank that are
tight - DONT.  pull them out, swap them around, replace them, polish
them a bit to make them smaller, sure.  but dont force them in,
because they sure dont force out!

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