[T2] brake line warning!

accessys at smart.net accessys at smart.net
Tue Jun 14 15:28:49 PDT 2016

last friday as I was pulling my 78 out I suddenly had a very soft brake 
pedal.   looked underneath and brake fluid was coming out of a split in 
the long line that runs from the front of the bus to the rear wheels.

tried to put a patch in and in broke in a different spot.  so made a 
longer patch but when I went to put fluid back in noticed a split at a 
different spot.

just got off phone with bus depot ordering a new brake line.  I've 
replaced the others over the years but overlooked that long one from front 
to back.  considering the location that one probably takes a beating worse 
than the others.

so one more thing to keep an eye on and is cheap insurance for stopping.

Bus Depot has all the lines in stock so no excuse not to replace them.

one more excuse for my wife to presure me to get rid of it.......!!1



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