[T2] Rebuild Heater Blower?

Martin Strandgard mnstra at unimelb.edu.au
Sun Jun 19 15:53:29 PDT 2016

>I haven't had one on my bus since I got it many years ago.  What heat is there to blow?  :)

If you fix the numerous leaks in the heater system, particularly around the heater boxes, actual heat appears at the front! I used high temp silicone. I also insulated the central pipe with bubble wrap which helped a little. The only significant fix remaining is to replace the seals in the flapper boxes as even when fully in the 'on' position I can feel air coming out the other way.

To the OP, I had a similar problem and 'fixed' it by spraying WD40 in a small hole which is underneath near the fan end. If you are game, you could try drilling a hole near the rear to lubricate the bushing there. You have probably seen on The Samba that only the early fans can be disassembled. The later ones with plastic fans don't come apart. Well not easily!

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