[T2] Electrical problems

Bob Pratt ka1dza at verizon.net
Mon Jun 20 12:25:09 PDT 2016

Here is an updated list of things I've done to get my bus inspected. I've repeated things for those who have not seen this befor.

The 4 way flashers only work in the front. I've replaced the bulbs in the rear. I've replaced the 4 way flasher switch. And I've cleaned each ground connection down to bright metal, cleaned the screws on a wire wheel, and applied "Noalox" on all of the electrical connections.

2. The brake lights don't work. Along with some the things I did in #1, I bled the master cylinder, and checked the continuity across the pressure switch. I get continuity. I've ordered new switches just in case.

3. The oil light on the dash won't work. I've replaced the pressure switch and light bulb on the dash. I don't know how to check the circuit. I know it's one wire from front to back.

If anyone has a clue, or knows of anyone who had a clue that can help, I'll mention you in my will!!!

I miss driving Myles and I'm envious of those I see driving their "babies" around the area.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Bob Pratt

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