[T2] Windshield removal (Bob Pratt)

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Sun Jun 26 18:07:27 PDT 2016

I did the ron (Bus Depot) repair to my lower glass frame when some vandals 
broke my front windshield, Autolite had them in stock tinted or not my 
choice same price.

when I finished all the metal work some young guy comes out who has never 
done a pull in windshield and spent several hours fiddling with it. calls 
another young guy and the two of them spent several hours. finally called 
this older gentleman, showed them how had the windshield in about 20 
minutes ready to go. went in like he knew what he was doing. which he did. 
said he hadn't "strung in" a windshield in a couple years but it went 
right in. think the other two guys owed him dinner or something for the 
"lesson" was a few years ago and forget what I paid but was a bit over a 
$100 (got the tinted one I'm short) don't damage the moulding as the 
rubbber they brought was for a Vanagon I'm sure and the new stuff I got 
from BD was not flexible enough so they reused my old rubber but is still 
going strong with no leaks


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> I had a windshield replaced here in San Diego for about $125 a few years ago.  Still going strong.  There is huge variation in prices.
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>> On Jun 26, 2016, at 2:55 PM, Tim Shepherd <forever-endeavor at hotmail.com> wrote:
>> Yep, Bob's right. In my experience, you're about 25% likely to break it just removing it. Any tiny chip or crack will be stressed and propagate, once it's out of the frame. It's impossible to do alone, so gave up and let the pros do it. The last windshield I had replaced cost me $200 for glass and install, I supplied the rubber. This was back in the 1990s so prices may have gone up... The first guy broke the windshield and his boss came the next day and installed the second one. Complaining all the while what a pain in the ass they were... YMMV
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