[T2] Windshield removal (Bob Pratt)

The Bus Depot type2 at busdepot.com
Sun Jun 26 19:36:20 PDT 2016

> I did the ron (Bus Depot) repair to my lower glass frame when some vandals broke
> my front windshield, Autolite had them in stock tinted or not my choice same price.
> when I finished all the metal work some young guy comes out who has never done
> a pull in windshield and spent several hours fiddling with it. calls another young guy
> and the two of them spent several hours. finally called this older gentleman, showed
> them how had the windshield in about 20 minutes ready to go. went in like he knew
> what he was doing. which he did.... don't damage the moulding as the rubbber they
> brought was for a Vanagon I'm sure and the new stuff I got from BD was not flexible
> enough so they reused my old rubber but is still going strong with no leaks

New rubber is not as flexible as old rubber. You will want to let it sit out in the sun for several hours before using it if possible.   But it is best to avoid using a used seal unless you have no choice; you don’t want to have to pull the windshield again because the seal deteriorated and let water in. Also I will second the opinions on having a pro install the windshield once you've done the metalwork. Bus and Vanagon windshields are a bear to install unless you've done it a bunch of times. If you crack your windshield trying to put it in it's your problem; if they crack it it's their problem.  It's worth the money to make it their problem. The windshield itself is not all that expensive if you shop it around to local glass places. (Prices can vary tremendously but you'll get probably the same PGW glass no matter who supplies it.)  We sell it too, but packing and shipping one windshield by itself in a manner that prevents breakage is really expensive so a local source may be cheaper if you have one.

Ron Salmon
The Bus Depot, Inc.

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