[T2] Windshield Removal

Roger Lemberg phroggie at ieee.org
Mon Jun 27 18:03:38 PDT 2016

Back in November of 2013 I finally got around to changing Phrogbus’s windshield (damaged in the ’94 Northridge quake, yeah almost 20 years). Removing it was easy enough: I used suction cups from Harbor Freight, tied them to the garage joists and cut the old seal.

To replace it, I went with Safelite. I’m completely satisfied with the glass and the workmanship. It cost around $240. The original estimate included a seal but they were willing to use the one I provided from Bus Depot.

The technician was quite familiar with the process but the first attempt wasn’t completely centered. I didn’t notice it until he pointed it out and proceeded to start over. By the way, he had these special suction tools which none of us have.

I remember checking the date code on the packing and it was from mid 2013 which indicates that someone was still making bay windshields then. (If only they’d make baking plates for the rear brakes :( )

I wouldn’t hesitate to call Safelite first after the next quake.


Phroggie and his Phrogbus
(’70 Sportsmobile conversion)

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