[T2] Clutch problem?

c.dreike c.dreike at verizon.net
Wed Jan 25 16:39:12 PST 2017

Hi Olive,
I know that in my splitty there is a spring on the arm at the 
transmission. None at the pedal. I believe your bay bus is the same.
I have had a sagging clutch pedal when my clutch cable was in the 
process of breaking. Not all the cable strands fail at the same time. As 
strands break, the pedal sags until it falls to the floor and you will 
have to drive without the clutch. Can be done with little trouble. AND, 
maybe your wing nut has rotated loose and simply needs to be tightened a 
few turns.

Driving without the clutch:
1. Shut off engine
2. Put into 1st gear. (sometimes first pulling into second gear will help)
3. Start engine, car will chug and buck slightly.
4. Bring speed up to about 15mph.
5. Back off on the gas pedal slowly while putting some pressure on the 
shift arm towards second gear. If the engine load is about neutral with 
your speed, The shifter should move easily out of gear and into the 
neutral position.
4. Press gently into the 2nd gear position. As the engine revs down, 2nd 
gear will engage. Bring speed to about 25mph.
5. Continue in the same manner, easing up on gas while shifting to next 
gear. Sometimes its necessary to rev the engine a bit to get the next 
gear to engage.
6. Takes a little practice but after doing this for a bit, you will 
wonder what the clutch is for.

The trick is to ease up force on the drive train so that the synchros 
will allow the gears to engage. Down shifting requires revving the 
engine while in neutral to match the engine rpms with your rolling speed.

Good luck,

On 1/25/2017 2:37 PM, OLIVE Yah wrote:
> Chris
> Apologies for asking you. Again :-)
> My clutch pedal is not returning to what I think/ remember as full height.  Is there supposed to. Be a spring at fron end that may have broken off.  I have been under, no ends of spring attached to anything.
> I also looked at other end , the wingnut, while John depressed the pedal. There is only about 1/2 inch of the cable moving at that end.
> The freeplay at pedal is hard to ascertain  as it seems loose, ie we can pull it up a few inches.
> I plan to take it in, but it is a hell trip to mech, and I want to be sure I'm not imaging it :-)

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