[T2] Time/labor to R&R alternator

John Burneskis john.burneskis at gmail.com
Fri Jan 11 06:44:53 PST 2019

 how long should it take for a competent mechanic to remove and replace the
al-75 X alternator in my 1978 VW bus

Not a trick question. I am thinking to have a mobile mechanic come to my
house and garage to R&R my alternator

I know you think I should be confident to do this, since I've worked on
these vehicles for 20 years plus, but at my condition and age, a recent
simple fan belt replacement in the garage took me almost 2 hours

BTW, I ordered the alternator from RockAuto just 12 hours ago, Thursday
night, and they tend to respond very very quickly

Barry sends....

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