[T2] Rear brake problem, brakes lock when braking

Daniel Martinelli daniel.martinelli at gmx.ch
Fri Jan 11 09:29:53 PST 2019

Good points, we did 'bed-in' the front disk brakes. Also we replaced
(albeit just one) of the rear rubber lines.
The calipers are stock. The locking also happens with the old brake pads.
As of loosening the back brakes, we tried that as well.
Master cylinder works fine as far as I know, does not go soft. But for sure
we will have to check brake pads on the front disk calipers again to see if
everything is working properly.

I really cant get over the fact, that the whole thing is totally
symmetrical. We will replace the back brake drums for sure. And all rubber
hoses, just to eliminate this source. The bus needs it anyway, this stuff
has at least 20 years on them.

On Fri, 11 Jan 2019 at 18:13, david raistrick <keen at icantclick.org> wrote:

> oh - and the master could have a front problem.   does the pedal seem
> long (without engine running, so no vacuum boost to trick you)?
> On Fri, Jan 11, 2019 at 12:12 PM david raistrick <keen at icantclick.org>
> wrote:
> >
> > > By clicks you mean the hand brake? We adjusted the rear shoes
> correctly but no progress.
> >
> > clicks of the adjustment wheel at the brake (at least, that's how I
> > generally set them - I run them tight, then back up a measured and
> > equal number of clicks - where the spokes of the adjuster wheel cross
> > the spring retainer - how many is based on feel and how much drag I
> > feel.   front drums particularly lead one to this method, where it's
> > super important to have them balanced side to side)
> >
> > if it were mine, I'd try backing out the adjustment a bit looser as a
> > workaround.
> >
> > also:  you replaced the front pads.  did you do a bed-in procedure on
> > them?   there can be a night and day difference in grip between a
> > fresh set of pads and a set that's broken in (which the bed-in
> > accelerates).
> >
> > beyond that - these are stock front calipers?  you've confirmed
> > they're not hanging up on their slides (it's been a long time since I
> > worked on a disk brake bay, but I'm 99% sure they're floating
> > calipers)?   the slide pins and the pad backer edges and possibily the
> > the frame all have sliding friction points that can be a source of
> > binding.
> >
> > what about rear rubber lines?   when they've aged out, they swell in
> > the middle - and they basically hold brake pressure against the cyl
> > for a whole.   (usually you notice it as a loss of brakes due to over
> > heating, but could also lead to earlier lockup)
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