[T2] Kadron replacement

Dave Gillingham dave at coronado-realty.com
Mon Sep 9 09:22:53 PDT 2019

Hi LIst:

I replaced the 10-12 year old Kadrons ('73 panel with a 2.0 type 4) a week
or so ago with new ones from the Kaddyshack.  Not cheap, but what an
amazing difference in both start up and performance!  My original set was
new when installed, but in recent years had begun misbehaving, and a couple
of amateur rebuilds really didn't help.  And, I don't think they were ever
dialed in for my engine/exhaust and location (sea level) either.
Installing the new carbs was pretty easy, and right away I went for a test
drive.  I got so excited about how the van was running I decided to
continue the operational test over the Coronado bridge - during the
trailing edge of rush hour.

So about 1/3 of the way across, *my electric fuel pump failed*.  It was
quite exciting.  Adding to the excitement was the fact that I didn't have
my mobile phone with me!  Fortunately, my van is well known in town and
friend stopped and called the police for me.  The police then blocked the
lane which allowed me to roll back to the old toll plaza and wait for a
tow.  While waiting the cop tried to help me diagnose the problem...he
thought maybe it was compression :)  The tow was $234 to go .4 miles!


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