[T2] Hot engine

Chris Dreike cdreike at gmail.com
Thu Sep 26 15:56:50 PDT 2019

My previous post talked about having hot heads on my engine. I gets hot
just accelerating from a stop light to 50mph.

The engine is a 1776cc. Scat cam (c25 grind similar to W-100) and Scat Pro
Street heads with stainless valve covers. Dog house style, wide, balanced
fan and dog house oil cooler.

I am running both a air fuel ratio and a cylinder head temp gauge so I know
what the engine is doing.

I have a megasquirt controlled fuel injection system so I have great
control over all the engine parameters. The engine is hot whether its
running rich or lean. 28 degrees max advance or 38 degrees when running
lean on a light load. Rich is 12.7:1 and lean is 17:1.

I need to check to see that the fan belt is not slipping, I have a tach for
that. There does not seem to be anything caught in the fan that I could
feel (engine off).
The engine oil always ran hot in the past up to 260F until I recently
installed an external cooler in addition to the stock dog house and it now
run consistently at 210F in town or on the freeway. I also have a full flow

 I'll check compression before pulling the engine

Anyone have other suggestions?


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