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Robert Mann robtmann7 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 26 17:44:25 PDT 2019

Chris, your 1776 sure is wired fer sound.  But how much data have you on
ignition timing?  –  the most likely trouble?
Just too bad you've been puzzlingly delayed in finding where to slap in the
water or water/mathanol.  I'm sure you'll see CHT drop, as I did (15 deg) ,
when you get it feeding water:fuel approx 5%.
Internal cooling (the original name for water injection) deserves that
name, tho' generally the more important benefits are in power, economy, and

Good luck

Robt Mann
'76 1600dp Devon camper

On Fri, Sep 27, 2019 at 10:56 AM Chris Dreike <cdreike at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> My previous post talked about having hot heads on my engine. I gets hot
> just accelerating from a stop light to 50mph.
> The engine is a 1776cc. Scat cam (c25 grind similar to W-100) and Scat Pro
> Street heads with stainless valve covers. Dog house style, wide, balanced
> fan and dog house oil cooler.
> I am running both a air fuel ratio and a cylinder head temp gauge so I know
> what the engine is doing.
> I have a megasquirt controlled fuel injection system so I have great
> control over all the engine parameters. The engine is hot whether its
> running rich or lean. 28 degrees max advance or 38 degrees when running
> lean on a light load. Rich is 12.7:1 and lean is 17:1.
> I need to check to see that the fan belt is not slipping, I have a tach for
> that. There does not seem to be anything caught in the fan that I could
> feel (engine off).
> The engine oil always ran hot in the past up to 260F until I recently
> installed an external cooler in addition to the stock dog house and it now
> run consistently at 210F in town or on the freeway. I also have a full flow
> filter.
>  I'll check compression before pulling the engine
> Anyone have other suggestions?
> Thanks,
> Chris
> .
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